The colorful southwestern landscapes and cultures captivate and bring forth a passion in me that had been quiet for most of my life. The rich southwestern style and beauty inspires and ignites my creative spirit, encourages my imagination, and motivates me to find ways of sharing that beauty with others through art.  The vibrancy and versatility of soft pastels became my favorite medium to create colorful pieces that I hope will inspire joy in you.

The hidden passion I discovered inside of me was art. I am a self-taught artist. Creating art is a rescue from the chaos of the modern world, a time for me to reflect and express what is deep inside of me.

My work is known for its bold and sometimes abstract forms, bright and vibrant colors, and unique color combinations, all of which give my art a happy energy. 

Along with my fine art, I create digital art. Those works are not photographs, but are created from scratch using Adobe Illustrator software. Alternating between fine art and digital art allows me to continue to explore and experiment with various techniques while continuing to grow as an artist.

I currently reside in Longmont, Colorado.